The Pole Palace features world class instructor in pole, fitness and yoga in a beautiful, welcoming and warm environment. All of our instructors have years of experience with pole and fitness, and are certified personal trainers as well The studio features 7 poles, classes are small and intimate, and booked to 6-12 students.  Each of our instructors have years of experience and education, in addition to being CPR certified. Owner and Instructor, Melissa has 12 years of experience with pole, and all other instructors have years of experience in dance, pole, and other disciplines such as yoga and aerial.

Our staff is not only extremely qualified but also very passionate. We truly love sharing pole with our students. We firmly believe that pole is meant to be explored and enjoyed by people of all shapes sizes, ages, and genders. We love empowering and inspiring our students and teaching them to do what they never thought was possible through which they gain immeasurable amounts of confidence. We are first and foremost a fitness studio and strive to not just teach and share pole with our students, but to help them live happier healthier lives as well.

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