Melissa Hein

Melissa is originally from Detroit Michigan, and has 12 years of experience with pole and yoga. She is NASM and ACE certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, and a 200 hour certified yoga instructor.  She has a passion for fitness, and dance, and is dedicated to offering her students a superior learning experience by not just making her classes fun, but safe by emphasizing proper technique and form from beginning to advanced students. She has taught pole for 7 years, and completed Pole Moves level 1/2 and advanced pole instructor training, in addition to completing Elevated level 1 and 2 pole instructor trainings. 

Melissa Hein instructs the following:
  • Pole Level 2 (6 week series)
  • A continuation of what is learned in pole level 1.  Developing greater fluidity and strength is focused upon, in addition to incorporated floor work, spins, climbs and holds together smoothly.
    Cost $150 for 6 week series

    Cancellation policies:

    All sales are final. No cash refunds, only studio credit is given for medical reasons with a doctor's note.

    Requests for other days and times may be accommodated if received 48 hours or more in advance of series start date. Other days and times are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.  A $10 admin fee may be assessed.  

    Absolutely no studio credit refunds/time changes can be accepted once a series has started.

    2 make up allowed class allowed if missed class during course. All make ups expire at the end of the series and are subject to availability.

  • VIP Membership Pole 2 Drop-in

  • Open Pole
  • THIS IS NOT A STRUCTURED CLASS.   It is a time to practice what you have been working on in class.  Must be a current or past student of Pole Palace to attend.  Please do not instruct other students, and only practice moves you are familiar with.  This is not a time to learn new moves.  An instructor may be present during this time, and if so, can answer brief questions if needed.  If there is not a certified instructor present, please save any questions for your instructor at your next schedule class.

  • Pole Level 3/4
  • Instructor permission required. Learn more complicated moves, smooth out transitions, and improve strength.  
    The following moves are a prerequisite to attend this class:
    Aerial invert (without swinging into it)
    inverted crucifix
    gemini and scorpio (ideally on both sides) transitions into and out of
    layback - cross leg and straight leg 
    super man
    Must be able to invert easily on your own, and have instructor permission.
    Cost: $150 for 6 week Series
    Refund/Cancellation Policies
    Requests for transferring to other days and times must be received a minimum of 48 hours notice before the start of your series, no exceptions.  $15 change fee will be assessed. 

    Make-up policy - Up to 2 class make up allowed, all make ups expire at the end of the series.  Make ups are not guaranteed and are subject to availability, cannot be reserved online in advance.  

  • Pole Level 1 (6 week series)
  • Building upon what was learned in of what is learned in Intro to Pole, in Pole 1, students will learn to climb the pole, learn more advanced spins, holds, choreography and floor work.
    Cost $150 for 6 week Series

  • VIP membership Pole 1/2
  • Must have completed Intro to Pole Series first. Instructor permission required. Dance moves, spins, pirouettes, and floorwork will be covered! In addition to working towards climbing the pole, or perfecting and improving your climbing skills if you are climbing the pole. Other things that you will learn in this class is how to safely and effectively develop upper body and core strength and to increase your flexibility, in addition to pole spins, and linking moves together gracefully.

    *** please note this is a mixed level class, each student will work on what's appropriate for their strength and skill levels, the instructor will help modify as needed for each individuals needs.***