Kat Sardoch

This dance enthusiast minored in Dance at Portland State University, studying Modern Dance, Improvisation, Hip-hop, and Ballet. Over the last four years, she has trained as an Aerialist on silks with Nightflight. Through this medium she discovered her favorite muse, Pole Dancing.  She has completed pole instructor certification courses level 1 and level 2 through Elevated, the leader in pole fitness training.

Kat Sardoch instructs the following:
  • VIP Membership Pole 2 Drop-in

  • Intro to Pole Series (4 weeks)
  • Learn the basics of pole, sexy dance moves, hip circles, beginner pole spins, floor work and more!   This class will make you feel super sexy, but still be an amazing workout!  Come see what pole dancing is all about!
    Cancellation policies:
    All sales are final.  Requests for other days and times may be accommodated if received 48 hours or more in advance of series start date.  Other days and times are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.  

    minimum of 3 registrants required for series to run.  If minimum is not met, remaining registrants will be notified 24 hours or more in advance, and will receive a full refund. 

    1 make up allowed class allowed if missed class during course.  All make ups expire at the end of the series.   

    All requests for other days and times must be received 48 or more hours ahead of the start date. Other days and times are not guaranteed, and must be within the same course dates as original registration. A $10 change fee will be assessed change in day/time registration.

  • Pole Level 2 (6 week series)
  • A continuation of what is learned in pole level 1.  Developing greater fluidity and strength is focused upon, in addition to incorporated floor work, spins, climbs and holds together smoothly.
    Cost $150 for 6 week series

    Refund/Cancellation Policies

    Requests for transferring to other days and times must be received a minimum of 48 hours notice before the start of your series, no exceptions. $15 change fee will be assessed.

    Make-up policy - 2 class make up allowed for 6 week series, all make ups expire at the end of the series. Make ups are not guaranteed and are subject to availability, cannot be reserved online in advance.